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miRMaid is data about microRNAs structured for easier access and integration, especially for computer-geeks

  • The core of miRMaid is the data contained in miRBase, which is the de facto accepted standard registry for microRNA information and nomenclature.
  • miRMaid takes miRbase data, reorganises it slightly and provides a programming interface to the data, which makes it much easier for the computer-savvy to perform complex data queries and analysis.
  • miRMaid is extendable, meaning that additional data and functionality can easily be implemented as plugins.
  • Although miRMaid also provides a basic web point-and-click-interface, the project focuses on the programmatic access to data.

A core feature of miRMaid is the many different but still intuitive and uniform access levels and representations of the data:

http://current.mirmaid.org/species/cel/matures          # HTML representation
http://current.mirmaid.org/species/cel/matures.xml      # XML representation
http://current.mirmaid.org/species/cel/matures.fa       # Fasta representation
Species.find_by_abbreviation('cel').matures             # Ruby object-relational model

Read more about the possibilites of using miRMaid in your research here.

A paper about miRMaid has been published in BMC Bioinformatics.

Public servers

We are serving miRMaid service instances corresponding to the following releases of miRBase:

Following the above links you will see miRMaid's basic web browser interface. The URLs that are used to navigate the web interface can also be diretly used in a program, read more about the RESTful web service API here.

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