Quick installation guide: It is easy to install MirMaid on your own Linux or Mac system. It might be possible to install on Windows too, but this requires some hacking and is not supported or recommended.

RESTful API: MirMaid is a RESTful web service. Read more about the API here.

RESTful API tutorial: It is easy to query MirMaid from your program or web service. Here are a few examples ranging from simple to more advanced.

RDOC API-documentation: Documentation for using the Ruby ActiveRecord interface.

Object-relational model

MirMaid uses an intuitive object-relational implementation called ActiveRecord, a corner stone of the Ruby on Rails framework.

The diagram below shows the entity relationsships in the MiRMaid database. Use this as a reference for the relationships between objects/classes and the data-fields available for each object.

From this diagram you can infer the existence of a lot of ActiveRecord driven methods. For example, there are finder-methods for each class:

Species.find_by_name('Homo sapiens') 

ActiveRecord allows you to follow the links between relations:

matures_for_human_precursor = Species.find_by_name('Homo sapiens').precursors.first.matures

And so on. Check the general documentation for ActiveRecord for the complete picture.

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