Homepage of the plugin: http://github.com/andersjacobsen/mirmaid_mir2disease/.

This plugin is based on data from miR2Disease.org. miR2Disease is a manually curated database that aims at providing a comprehensive resource of miRNA deregulation in various human diseases. The plugin introduces two resources, m2d_diseases and m2d_disease_links. m2d_disease_links is a many-to-many map between the MirMaid mature miRNA resource and the diseases, m2d_disease. Once you have installed MirMaid, the plugin can be installed from the root of the MirMaid application directory:

script/plugin install git://github.com/andersjacobsen/mirmaid_mir2disease.git

If it becomes necessary the plugin can be also be (re)installed using a Rake task (assuming the plugin has already been installed and it resides in the vendor/plugins directory)):

rake mirmaid:plugin:mir2disease:install

To uninstall a plugin delete the appropiate directory in vendor/plugins, or for a complete uninstall:

rake mirmaid:plugin:mir2disease:uninstall

After installation you can check that your system is healthy by running the test-suite:

rake mirmaid:test:all

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