The motivation for plugins in MirMaid

The core of MirMaid is designed around data from the official miRNA registry, miRBase. But there are many other web sites and databases that provide unique and specialized information on miRNAs. Such data resources can be implemented as independent extensions to the core MirMaid framework. There are multiple benefits to such a strategy:

  • Specialized miRNA data resources can with little effort become fully integrated with the core MirMaid resources and be accessed uniformly through the MirMaid RESTful web service API or ActiveRecord API.
  • Plugins can be developed and maintained independently with little effort by people behind the original public data resource.
  • Groups/individuals from academia or industry can have their own private extensions to MirMaid. These private resources can potentially be write-enabled and could for example integrate information on completed and ongoing experiments.
  • When public data resources are co-developed as MirMaid plugins, we promote that miRNA identifiers are consistent and that resources can more easily be cross-referenced – currently a very time consuming and error-prone task in biological data mining.

List of plugins

Here is a list of currently available plugins

How can I implement my own plugin?

More information here soon. If you are really keen on getting started, then take a look at the source code. for the miR2Disease plugin - it is less than 400 lines of code in total, and most of the code is for handling and parsing the original dataset. Feel free to ask for help on the mailinglist.

Note: currently the webinterface for plugins only work properly in production mode: script/server -e production

Plugin wishlist

  • PhenomiR a database of differential miR-expression in biological processes and diseases.
  • TargetScan Target prediction from the Bartel lab.
  • mimiRNA Correlations between miRNAs and mRNAs.

If you have other wishes or want help to develop a plugin your self, please let us know by joining and posting on the maillist

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