RESTful web service API

MirMaid is accessible as a RESTful web service. Accessing MirMaid through a browser you will by default be served a HTML representation, i.e. will list the mature miRNA and miRNA* for hsa-mir-21. MirMaid will let you retrieve this data in both an HTML and XML representation. To get an XML document, just specify the format (.xml) in the URL. All URL's in MirMaid will return an XML representation than can easily be retrieved from a computer program/script or from another web service (see the API tutorial for a few examples).


When MirMaid is running as a web service, you can access a description of the API through /described_routes.{format}, where format is .txt, .xml or .yml. This description will also include the API for any installed miRMaid plugins. Go to to get the description of the RESTful API for the current public MirMaid release. The URLs given in the description are not “valid” URLs, they are templates and follow the URL template standard. You can retrieve a valid set of URLs by providing values for the variables in the URL, i.e. the list of mature miRNA hsa-miR-1 XML URLs:

Fasta sequence retrieval

MirMaid supports FASTA representations for all URLs returning one or more mature or precursor miRNAs. Here are a few examples:

It should be noted that the sequences are also contained in the XML representations, but in some situations the FASTA format can be more convenient.

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