We imagine different use case scenarios for MirMaid.

Web browsing

Just browsing the core miRMaid web interface will not provide a dramatic different experience from the official miRNA repository, miRBase. But with MirMaid plugins available, the miRMaid web interface provides novel information and data integration.

Remote RESTful web service

A core feature of miRMaid is its RESTful web service API. This feature enables programs and other web services to remotely query the public miRMaid releases in an intuitive way. Read more about the RESTful API and take a look at our quick tutorials.

Local installation

It is very simple to setup miRMaid on your local Linux or Mac system (see the installation instructions). This will allow you to run the miRMaid web service locally or you could choose to just use the intuitive Ruby object-relational model without running any web service .

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